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How to Respond to Negative Comments on Twitter?

Negative Comments on twitter

A tweet is no place to make enemies. Learn how to respond to negative comments on Twitter, such as insults and threats, and avoid alienating potential customers, fans, and followers. Well, we all know that you don’t like to get negative comments on social media, but if you’re not perfect or serious about anything in your business, it will keep happening. Are you aware that people are more likely to share a negative interaction two times than a positive one? People (Customers) are quick to post about businesses on social media when things go wrong.

Well, It doesn’t mean you have a disaster for your business if you have a negative tweet. 

Here are a few tips to respond to negative comments on Twitter in the best possible way.  

1. Analyze (Respond as soon as possible)

It can be frustrating to see a negative tweet. Understand that you can’t take it personally. You are not at all allowed to take it personally.

If you need to, take a step back, and a deep breath. You cannot respond with an angry tone and escalate the problem.

With a calmer view, it is time to analyze the tweet. What are they upset with? Can you tell if you need more information or not?

140 characters is not a lot to work with, so it is best to gather all you can from their first post. You can take a peek at their profile to see if there is any additional context for their conversation style and what is important to them.

Do not forget that your competitors are always looking for a chance to snatch your clients. They could contact angry customers and take them away from you. You should reply and resolve them as quickly as possible. If you’re busy with other things, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not responding to those complaints.

Tips on responding to negative Twitter Comments


Tips on responding to negative Twitter Comments

2. Apologize (Don’t give any excuse)

Excuse, it is one of the biggest mistakes that should be avoided. Customers are always right, and giving excuses will make them more irritated and annoyed.

It is time for you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, even if you don’t agree with it. They are taking the time out of their day to complain about something because they think they’ve been slighted. It is a big deal for a customer or client to feel that way. Chances are that they won’t come back to do business with you again.  

There is always room for improvement and this may be a sign of it. So how do you respond to negative reviews? I’m very sorry for what happened, reply with something like this. We will get this resolved asap.

3. Resolve (Get in touch with the customer privately)

Don’t sit back and relax after responding to a customer complaint. Contact that customer privately to find a solution to the problem. Here you want to let the customer know that you are sorry and that you are willing to help. Moving the customer interaction from public to private will allow you to personalize the experience.

You should follow through on what you have said to your customer. If you have offered to look into the situation and make it right, then you should. If your customer had a negative experience, you could follow up with a customer delighter.

A discount or other gesture of goodwill shows that you are serious about the experience. If the interaction is publicly visible, you can make a good impression on the affected customer, as well as every person who visits your account and sees it. Customers are looking for exemplary experiences with businesses, so try to see a negative tweet as an opportunity to show off how responsive and authentic the brand and business can be.

4. Customer satisfaction should be your top priority

If the complaints are really true then you must resolve them at any cost or one unhappy customer will tell others about it on social media and in a way it will harm your brand image.

For example, if the customer asks you to return the product for some reason, it is best that you don’t take it back without asking a single question. A great way to show your customers that they are valuable to you is to let them know that you value them and let them feel valued as well.

It will not be a big loss for you, but the brand image is enhanced by your act of kindness. 

When you make sure that you are providing a quality service, you’ll be able to build trust with your customers. This will make it easier for them to share positive feedback and recommendations about your business. You can avoid this issue by making sure that you are providing a quality service and that you’re doing what you say you will. If you’re not providing great customer service, your customers will have no reason, to be honest with you.

5. Transform negative feedback into a positive for your business.

4 times out of 5 times you’ll be able to fix a broken tweeter relationship, just make sure to put yourself beside the customer, understand their complaint, and address it appropriately.

You’re working for both your customer and your business and you need to be sure that you always put your customer’s interests first.

Things to avoid:

Avoid doing these things when responding on Twitter

  • Ignoring and deleting negative comments/reviews/complaints
  • Taking customer complaints personally
  • Approaching without offering any solution
  • Responding to comments with a defensive gesture


Knowing how to respond to a negative tweet can help you manage customer concerns and online reputation. Demonstrating that you care about your customers and your business can also help you foster customer loyalty and increase your brand. Keep in mind that your online reputation is shaped not just by what your customers are saying about you, but also by how you respond to that.


Block, Ban, or Report Trolls
If you have a troll that just won’t stop, it’s sometimes necessary to block, ban or report them. Most social media platforms give you the option to report a post for being abusive, as well as unfollow the person who posted it.

If your account is hacked, immediately change your password. Next, set up two-step verification which adds an extra layer of security to your account.

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